Talent Development

Professional development for your most talented, highest potential employees is a critical challenge faced by all business owners and senior leaders. You need to ensure that your top talent will be ready to step up, lead, and drive results when they are promoted to the top levels in the company. At NVR, we have created a unique and proven leadership training curriculum, specifically targeted at your very highest potential employees — those you project should be able to advance, with time and training, to the executive level.

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The NVR program is based on our owners’ real-world experiences working with and formulating leadership training for employers such as Procter & Gamble, Boston Consulting Group, General Electric, and Dover Corporation. Our offering goes beyond the typical leadership training to which most of us have been exposed as we progressed through our careers. We concentrate on the few, most important and most impactful senior leadership skills which will contribute to building and sustaining great teams and driving business results from the top of an organization.

And because we are focused solely on the delivery of leadership development for Cincinnati area businesses, and are strong believers in the power of cross-company, cross-cultural exposure, we have designed our training around a set of carefully considered guidelines. For instance:

  • The number of participants per course is limited to ensure that each participant gets the attention necessary to meet his or her particular needs for training, and to be certain that every participant is given the opportunity to express themselves and receive constructive feedback from their peers
  • Each program is made available to only one employee per company per session to facilitate the cross-company, cross-cultural learning so vital to our process, and to be certain that no single company’s management style unduly impacts on the coursework
  • A member of your senior staff will be asked to present at one of the monthly sessions included in our course schedule to address their own career progression. This allows our participants to learn from Cincinnati area business leaders about the specific skill sets most important to their own career advancement

The end result of our class structure and curriculum is that, in addition to the learning derived from our coursework, every participant graduating from our program is provided with an extraordinary and unique platform for networking after graduation. This is an intended and important part of our course design. We aim to benefit and equip those who attend our courses with distinct, leverageable advantages as they seek to advance their careers and become leaders within this great community.