Outplacement for Companies

At NVR, we have deep experience in the business of outplacement. And having successfully assisted both large and small companies with this often traumatic and difficult task, we recognize that three separate constituencies must be considered. For the outcome to be favorable, proper planning must address the needs of each of these constituencies.

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Your Human Resources and Management Teams

Our outplacement experts will be at your site before the notification event to prepare your Human Resources and management teams in the use of time-tested, best practice techniques for managing the discussions with each impacted employee. We will also be on-site during the day of notification, assisting your teams with a specific set of protocols to guide the events of the day — process steps which we will have designed together, and which will be tailored to your particular company’s culture and environment. We will work alongside you and your key staff throughout the day of dismissal, offering practical advice to help ease the transition for everyone involved and, importantly, to anticipate and prevent any unwelcome surprises.

The Displaced Employee

Our help for your displaced employees begins immediately after they have been notified of the change to their employment status. We have found that meeting with displaced employees at this crucial time provides an important first step in helping them redirect their mindset to the future. We do our work with the highest degree of professionalism, but also with a substantial measure of compassion. Beginning with that first meeting, and continuing through a series of one-on-one career coaching sessions at our offices, each outplaced employee gets the benefit of our extensive experience helping those in similar circumstances to:

  • Get past the shock of the event
  • Proceed through a discovery process around their greatest strengths and work or vocational passions
  • Choose a field or career pursuit aligned with those strengths and passions
  • Conduct an effective job search to include resume creation, interview preparation, and all the associated steps to transition successfully

Your Remaining Workforce

This final constituency, often ignored or overlooked during the outplacement event, has its own unique set of needs which should be considered. We work with your leadership team to develop a communication strategy which ensures that your workforce will understand the actions taken and the rationale behind those actions, and will recognize the assistance the company is providing to their friends and (former) work associates. We find that such communications serve to protect employee morale during what can be a difficult and uncertain time. These communications also help to protect the company’s reputation with the community, customers, and suppliers.