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In the highly competitive race for that first “real” job out of college, the winners are those who invest in the hard work and preparation necessary to integrate career planning into their college experience, while still enrolled in school. Such a plan, done well, includes a thorough assessment of a student’s top skill sets and workplace preferences, an understanding of the job opportunities which align with those skills and preferences, and a comprehensive marketing plan for use in conducting their initial job search. In addition, the plan would incorporate considerations around coursework and extracurricular activities which will provide the most benefit toward achievement of the student’s career goals. Creating this type of plan will ensure that your student stays on path during their time spent on campus, as well as during breaks and when considering various work opportunities.

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Throughout the course of their business careers, the owners of NVR have provided college and university students with the necessary advice, coaching and job search skills to help them stand out among the crowded field of applicants for that all-important first position after graduation. We do so by employing a unique mix of professionalism, advocacy, and passion, combined with a firm dose of reality around what it takes to succeed in the world of career search.

We believe every student can benefit from a well-considered career plan, produced in collaboration with a coach and advisor who is separate from Mom and Dad. And we find that parents, having expended a substantial amount of time, energy, and money to help their child approach the “finish line” in college, often welcome help to assist their child in arriving at the career decision best suited for them. Our partners’ professional, yet compassionate, one-on-one guidance can make all the difference for both the student and the parents, as they struggle over the decision on a career path.

When you make a choice to work with NVR for this service, your student gains immediate access to our staff and our guidance processes, regardless of what point they might be at within their college journey. Our work includes:

  • A series of assessments to identify greatest strengths, passions and skill sets
  • Assistance with navigating a college’s infrastructure for help with coursework selections
  • Guidance around summer and part-time job choices
  • Help with professional connections for internships and informational interviews
  • Training in the importance of effective networking
  • Assistance with resume preparation, interviewing skills and other marketing materials

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