Career Coaching for Individuals

Whether you have been caught up in a downsizing or other outplacement event, or have made a proactive decision to advance your career, the challenges in front of you are highly personal. At NVR, we recognize that the particular circumstances facing each of our clients are individualized, and we tailor our career coaching services to address your unique requirements.

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We don’t follow a “cookie cutter”, standardized approach to job search, and we don’t do group coaching. Every one of our clients works with an experienced career coach, matched to their individual needs and circumstances, from beginning to end of our relationship.

Our proven success is centered on in-person, one-on-one coaching, either at our offices in Oakley/Hyde Park, or at a site convenient to your location and personal schedule. Our team-based, executive-level approach allows those searching for senior roles to take full advantage of our combined 100+ years of successful business experience, and gives them enhanced access to our extensive network of contacts within the local business community. It has been our consistent experience that such an approach to career transition positively impacts our clients’ confidence, preparedness, focus and, most importantly, success during the search process.


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