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Be Positive!

There is nothing more crucial to landing your first job or advancing in your career than keeping, and consistently projecting, a positive attitude. And not only during the interview process, where- of course- it is important to make a positive impression. It is critical from start to finish in your job campaign. Having a great… Read more »

My interview went great!

My interview went great! Did it, really? How can you be so sure? In fact, we find- time and again- that candidates are completely surprised following an interview they felt went well, when the company informs them they have decided to select a different candidate. So how does it happen that what we thought went… Read more »

Choosing the Right Career Takes Work

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There is nothing more important in your search for your first full-time job than taking the time to really figure out what is the right career for you. You need to “take a pause” and give yourself some contemplation time to think through and catalog your likes and dislikes, your passions, and your strengths. The… Read more »