Be Sure to Make the Most of That Summer Internship

It’s summer, and (whether or not your parents believe it) you’re excited to be working!  You’ve landed that coveted internship and can’t wait to get some “real” workplace experience.  So, here’s a good piece of advice – take a deep breath and be sure to go in prepared.  Early experiences in a professional environment can… Read more »

Be Positive!

There is nothing more crucial to landing your first job or advancing in your career than keeping, and consistently projecting, a positive attitude. And not only during the interview process, where- of course- it is important to make a positive impression. It is critical from start to finish in your job campaign. Having a great… Read more »

Help! I Accepted the Wrong Job

You were so excited when you got the offer! Now…. just a few weeks or months into it, you’re miserable. Every day is a chore, just to get out of bed and get motivated to get to work. So – what do you do? Your first reaction is just to quit and crawl into a… Read more »

How can I learn to network if I have no network?

This is a question which we hear from our clients, all the time. To formulate an intelligent answer, let’s start with the premise that everyone realizes that there is great value in networking. Its importance goes well beyond just helping you find your next job, at such time as you might find yourself looking for… Read more »

My interview went great!

My interview went great! Did it, really? How can you be so sure? In fact, we find- time and again- that candidates are completely surprised following an interview they felt went well, when the company informs them they have decided to select a different candidate. So how does it happen that what we thought went… Read more »

How do you choose the right college major?

choosing a college major

Once you have started your college experience and have made your way through the initial transition period of your freshman year, your thoughts will typically begin to turn to what is next. The most common question you will be getting from friends, family and your classmates about this time will be: “What are you going… Read more »

Choosing the Right Career Takes Work

career path

There is nothing more important in your search for your first full-time job than taking the time to really figure out what is the right career for you. You need to “take a pause” and give yourself some contemplation time to think through and catalog your likes and dislikes, your passions, and your strengths. The… Read more »